Luxury Holidays in Los Barriles

Los Barriles is a village in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Los Barriles is on the shores of the Sea of Cortez between Los Cabos and La Paz. 
There is no end to the fun things to do in Baja. Mountain bike along coastal and scenic desert single-track trails. Glide along clear blue waters in a sea kayak. Snorkel among colorful tropical fish... 
In Los Barriles you will still find the old Baja: campgrounds, little fishing casitas with thatched roofs, cozy restaurants, small stores, endless white sandy beaches and fantastic sport fishing. If you explore the countryside around Los Barriles, you will find secret oases in arroyos, mountain paths that lead to little ranches and other small villages where the locals still live as they did fifty years ago.
Los Barriles is a destination for travelers who want to be away from the big tourist destinations and enjoy the quiet and beauty of a natural place. Here turtles still lay their eggs on the beach, rays and dolphins swim close to shore, sea lions play on the sandy shores and cows still freely roam the streets of downtown Los Barriles.
But the nightlife is Los Barriles is definitely livelier if you like your tequila! Other wise they are pretty mellow, with an emphasis on chilling out round the bar, watching videos, and movies of the day, and talking about your day on the water, with guests form around the world.This resort is a great location for your luxury holiday if you want to discover and enjoy Mexico.

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